Petri Disk Studios
Petri Disk is your classic Project studio set in the cozy environs of a large Victorian home. It offers the comfort and ease that only someone’s home environment can provide but comes with unlimited tracks of digital audio there to capture all the magic and inspiration that inevitably happens in every session. Over the last ten years Petri Disk has accommodated every recording situation imaginable from a full rock band to a jazz quartet to numerous solo singer/songwriters and rappers and even Brazilian Samba drumming groups. This is a PC-based studio run with an array of supporting software applications. Other programs available for production, composing, and arranging include: Nuendo, Reason, Ableton Live, Fruity loops, Sound forge, and much more. Inboard CD/DVD burning capabilities are available for instant take-home mixes.

This studio is an excellent resource for anyone trying to put together a demo or professional recording without paying the big studio prices. And of course it comes with an experienced engineer/producer who is there to do all the dirty work so that you can concentrate on your performance and art. Making it all the better are very reasonable sliding-scale rates that realistically reflect what this humble studio can do for the independent recording artist.


Other outboard production tools and available equipment include the following:

Kawai K11 digital synthesizer (midi controller)
Korg MS2000r analog modeling synthesizer
ART Tube Compressor, Mic Pre, Equalizer Channel
ART TCS stereo compressor
Alesis Midiverb II effects processor
BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer
Yamaha RX5 Drum Machine
Studio Master 8 Channel mixing board
Techniques Turntables
Large Sample Libraries (personally compiled)
Pioneer DJM 500 Mixer w/effects
Wide assortment of dynamic and condensor microphones

Instruments :
Acoustic, Spanish, Electric Guitars
Electric Bass
Bass and Guitar amps
Kawai electric piano
Korg MS2000R Synth
Kawai K11 Keyboard/synth
Drum Kit
Bongos, Djembe, percussion
etc, etc

Affiliated Artists

Ean Golden:
On the rise San Francisco producer and DJ working on the cutting edges of modern digital DJ technology. A dedicated, talented musician and entrepeneur. Ean produced songs on Mr. D’s debut album, Dynamite Soul, as well as creating a epic house remix of Splintered Tree’s bossa nova song, Levalor Eyes, which appears on the Petri Disk: Live Cultures Volume 3.

Freakboysoul-Gabriel Todd:
Singer/Songwriter, Choreographer, Dancer, performance art troupe leader, Artiste of all trades. Gabriel Todd has worked in Petri Disk Studios on various projects working on his original songs with the goal of a full-length recording in the future as well as lending his signature vocal delivery on other STR artists’ work. Check his original tune, Songs.

Gavin Hardkiss:
Co-founder of San Francisco’s historic groundbreaking house label Sunburn Records. Working together here at Petri Disk and Gavin’s various studio hide-outs, Drunken Monkey and Gavin have produced many funky tracks for the clamoring masses of people hungry for quality dance and electronic music. Noteworthy releases include Drunken Monkey’s debut on Sunburn Records, Gratification, as well as collaborations on Gavin’s Love Won Another album.

Mouncey Ferguson, L.A. film maker:
Independent film maker working in the cut throat city of L.A. brought in his live jazz combo to record the soundtrack to his second short film entitled “Straight Sex”.

New York City 4-piece band of visionaries offering brand new sounds and directions in the modern musical landscape. Petri Disk produced the first Gutbucket remix of their debut album, Insomniac’s Dream (Knitting Factory Records, 2001), track “Rock N Roll”.

Jeffrey Bean, Freedom:
Singer/Songwriting with his roots in the deep soul and funk traditions of the 70’s brings his falsetto Mayfield-like vocal stylin’s to the mix. Worked at Petri Disk to put together an initial demo of tracks for expanding his live band’s performance opportunities and then looking at a future full length release in the coming soon.

An incredibly talented singer and songwriter based in San Francisco who has collaborated extensively with Drunken Monkey on their EP release, Diggin’ Pony, as well as pursuing his own upcoming independent release under The Gelatinous State moniker. This EP will feature a few more collaborations with Drunken Monkey and other A-list Bay Area producers.


Daniel Lippincott first hatched the idea of Splintered Tree Records in the middle of a long sleepless night as the days of university were quickly waning, circa 1995. It had become clear that music was the path he wanted to pursue in life and it was even more clear that he wanted no part of a major label and the rapacious corporate musical reality. So, in a matter of hours, based loosely on 90’s D.I.Y. archetypes like Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records and the parallel universes of indie rock and underground east coast Hip Hop, he formed the idea of a label of his own that would of course support and release his music and in time hopefully the music of many others.

In 1996 he put together a first demo record for friends and family and was also blessed with a clear vision of what was to lay ahead for him in music. 1998 found Splintered Tree Records finally settled into its new home and chosen musical mecca of San Francisco. Working quickly to establish its musical presence and community the label started hosting concerts, building musical communities, and bringing together talented musicians from all over the bay area to share their sounds and resources. Needless to say the many years that have passed since those early days have seen a lot of amazing musical accomplishments all fueled as a true labor of Love. Amazingly, at the time of this writing Splintered Tree Records has about 25 releases in it’s discography which feature a wonderful roster of talented artists who have all worked tirelessly on their musical craft and created a beautiful body of work of which we at STR are all proud to support.