Splintered Tree Records Discography
Early Days Demos:

"Splintered Tree"
(STR001, out of print)

The young songwriter's first steps down his personal path of musical exploration and growth. Folk and Blues roots dominate these earliest songs about personal struggle, social commentary, love and pain.

Splintered Tree
"Fallen Leaves"
(STR002, out of print)

A self-produced continuation of the first recording's primary steps into songwriting, production, and composition. Using the classic home recording tool of the young and restless everywhere, the Tascam cassette 4-track, Splintered Tree finished another snapshot of his musical reality after a year of travel and while still on the road to San Francisco, California.

:"STR" Albums:

Splintered Tree
"Forward Resolution"


The title here says it all as the Splintered Tree sound finally gets a chance to blossom into a fully produced songwriter's portrait of depth and character. Moving between the older Blues and Folk elements to Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, and Pop influences a complete document was finally offered at the dawn of the new millenium with a Forward Resolution to move ever onward and upward. Contemporary and musical kin Marwan Kanafani teamed up to produce this living room work of art.

Various Artists
"Live Cultures Vol 1"

With the foundation of Petri Disk Studios firmly established in the winter of 2000 a new stage of musical production, writing, and composition had begun. To celebrate the first year's work in the lab the idea was born to compile all the various works that had been completed as a celebration and presentation to the public of Petri Disk Studios. Featuring Splintered Tree and Drunken Monkey the musical styles branched out even further to create a disparate but connected sound from the Oakland based studios.

Various Artists
"Live Cultures Vol 2"

2002 was a year of vast expansion for Splintered Tree Records, Petri Disk Studios, and all the community involved. Splintered Tree released 4 more songs on this year's edition of the Petri Disk compilation. In addition to these songs, this latest compilation includes many of the collaborative efforts that were a part of 2002's new growth and direction. New comers to the label included Oakland rap sensation, Manips, and the soulful singing sensation, FreakBoySoul, also of Oakland. This release also included the first song to go beyond the label and be signed to San Francisco's Sunburn records, by Gavin Hardkiss (one of the area's electronic pioneers of the 90's). This song, originally entitled "B-Side's House" by Drunken Monkey went on to be renamed "Instant Gratification" which eventually ended up in the record crates of none other than Sasha and other luminaries of the booming global DJ scene.


In 2003, Splintered Tree, the songwriter, expanded to include, two of the members of rockband Fojimoto (Ryan Waggoner on bass and Johnny Fojtik on drums) to make an impromptu occasional live band called Splintered Tree and The Sweet Leaf Boys. This power trio culminated in the 2004 7" single debut release.

Splintered Tree
& The Sweet Leaf Boys

"Dark Town b/Shit Do Stink"
(7" single)

The first release of 2004 for Splintered Tree Records and the culmination of two years rockin' out with Johnny and Ryan of Fojimoto. Straight ahead dirty garage Rock 'n' Roll for all the ol' school vinyl lovers out there. Pressed on virgin vinyl as a single to the upcoming full-length release entitled "Songs from the Holy Fool" .
West Coast Performer
magazine says:

"The music is skillfully composed...and engagingly goofy"



"This crew's A-side of good ol'boy garage rock is straight shootin' and fun!"

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The Sweet Leaf Boys
"Songs from the Holy Fool"

After a year and a half hiatus, this trio reformed and simplified their nomenclature a bit. Now performing under the catchy moniker: The Sweet Leaf Boys and in March of 2006 released their official debut album, "Songs from the Holy Fool". This release enjoyed national distribution on San Francisco's IDC Records. You can here it and buy the album at CD Baby! Check it now.

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Mr. D's Projections
"Dynamite Soul!!!"

Mr. D's Projections is the long-awaited album featuring the songwriting & singing of Splintered Tree and the production skills of Drunken Monkey, both honed over many years working together at Petri Disk Studios. Features collaborations with Gavin Hardkiss, Ean Golden, Swan, and many more talented SF Bay Area musicians.

check out the REVIEW in XLR8R Magazine!

Sweet Leaf Boys
"A Fond Farewell"


The Sweet Leaf Boys say farewell in style. After 6 years of playing music together the tug-of-war between life, responsibilities, and making music came to a head once again. As a final gesture though, the last set of songs was put to tape, digitally that is, so that the music wouldn't be lost forever. A beautiful and very fond farewell for this well-loved band on Splintered Tree Records. This body of work is emotionally-charged Rock n Roll with real lyrical depth, serious musicianship, and a LOT of soul. Get a free copy by request!

"An Outsider's Perspective"
Produced by Drunken Monkey
010 & 011)

This 5 year labor of love came out to some incredible reviews and represents the life-long love affair that DM has had with Hip Hop music. Culminating in a double disk epic Hip Hop narrative that covers every topic on rapper, Dan-D-Lion's mind. Not to be missed!!!

Read the full review at the link below!

Drunken Monkey
"Orquestations for a Strange World"
Vol. 1 & 2
(STR012 & 013)

Drunken Monkey's expansive collection of musical oddities, soundscapes, cinematix, and undecipherable gems spanning 8 years at Petri Disk. Most of this material is still unavailable any where else and remains an exclusive discovery for the brave few who like to venture into the darker corners of music and electronica!

Drunken Monkey
"Mr. D's Ballroom"
Vol 1 & 2
(STR014 - 015)

Drunken Monkey delivers again with another comprehensive compendium. This time it's his dancefloor beats spanning the last decade. House and Funky Breaks make up the bulk of the material with a healthy helping of Drum & Bass tracks thrown in for good measure and a pinch of 2-step-type bizness. Much of this material has appeared on a variety of other labels, but this is the first time it's all found in one place!