Daniel Lippincott first hatched the idea of Splintered Tree Records in the middle of a long sleepless night as the days of university were quickly waning, circa 1995. It had become clear that music was the path he wanted to pursue in life and it was even more clear that he wanted no part of a major label for a variety of reasons. So, in a matter of hours, based loosely on 90's D.I.Y. archetypes like Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records and the parallel universes of indie rock and underground east coast Hip Hop, he formed the idea of a label of his own that would of course support and release his music and in time hopefully the music of many others. In 1996 he put together a first demo record for friends and family and was also blessed with a clear vision of what was to lay ahead for him in music. 1998 found Splintered Tree Records finally settled into its new home and chosen musical mecca of San Francisco after another hastily produced/recorded album on the road. Working quickly to establish its musical presence and community the label started hosting concerts, house-concert style, bringing together talented musicians from all over the bay area to share their sounds and resources.

After a year of work in 1999 the first complete Splintered Tree record (Daniel's nom de guerre), "Forward Resolution", (STR 003) was released on Splintered Tree Records. Since this third album all of Splintered Tree Records releases has been produced and engineered in Petri Disk Studios which has been primarily focused on strengthening the larger musical vision that is Splintered Tree Records . With 15 albums now finished ranging from folk to hip hop to all manner of electronica and rock n roll, the label has truly grown to be a stepping stone for a large catalog of uncompromising music representing San Francisco's diverse musical quilt.