The R.I.P. Remixes

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The full Drunken Monkey biography can be found HERE. The R.I.P. Remix Collection is the official farewell release from this beloved, prodigious producer and long-standing, well-respected SF Bay Area DJ. R.I.P. is the ultimate collection of Drunken Monkey remixes from the past 15 years and a compendium of material that originally appeared on other record labels or in some cases has never been released before. This album is also a telling representation of who he was as an artist stylistically and his place in the local music scene. Almost all these songs are collaborations with other local San Francisco artists who came to trust Drunken Monkey’s consistently high quality production. Anyone working with him knew his versions would always be able to rock a dancefloor as well as add a few surprises and twists that would set the remix apart from anyone else.

While this is the death of a name, it is NOT the death the talent behind that name. This is the acknowledgement that a chapter has ended, a door has closed, and this can only foretell the inevitable rebirth into new creative persona’s for the musical force that was Drunken Monkey. And so…A fond farewell to one nom-de-musique, making room for the next chapter to unfold, as well as a celebration of a life in music. For more than a quarter century, Drunken Monkey was a DJ, Producer, Remixer, Connoisseur, Taste-Maker, and Musical Adventurer!

The Monkey is Dead…Long live the Monkey!


Track listing with full credits:

  1. Rising Appalachia & Dogon Lights – Water She Dances (DM 6/8 Mix) – 2016 (unreleased)
  2. Chrys-Anthony & The Gelatinous State – Climbing Up The Ladder (DM Sparse Symphony Mix) – 2019 (Bearded Tit Records)
  3. SIMO & Drunken Monkey – Step Into (DM D’n’B Mix) – 2010 (Sleevin Records)
  4. Roncat Spearman – Mackin’ Wit No Hands (DM remix) – 2012 (Late Night Sneakin’ Records)
  5. Gavin Hardkiss – CocoBoom (DM Dubwise Remix) – 2010 (Noice! Records)
  6. Angelo Moore – Operation Yes! (DM Remix) – 2013 (Late Night Sneakin’ Records)
  7. SIMO & Drunken Monkey – Rennie’s Skank (DM Remix) – 2009 (Sleevin Records)
  8. Sugar & Gold – On Time (DM’s G-Crunk Mix) – 2007 (Late Night Sneakin’ Records)
  9. SIMO – Smokin’ & Drinkin’ (DM Remix) – 2014 (unreleased)
  10. Roncat Spearman – D.O.T.M.S. (DM Remix) – 2012 (Late Night Sneakin’ Records)
  11. Vir McCoy – Man From Marin (DM Dark & Nasty Mix – radio version) – 2016 (Splintered Tree Records)
  12. Rising Appalachia & Dogon Lights – Water She Dances (DM Remix) – 2016 (unreleased)


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