Live Cultures Volume 4

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Volume 4 in this popular series of eclectic musical offerings all recorded at Oakland’s Petri Disk Studios. As usual for any ‘Live Cultures’ compilation, this collection runs the gamut of genres from the piano ballad, ‘It’s A Must’, of Splintered Tree to a Drum & Bass rinse-out, ‘Roots Education’, from Reason and each song features an amazing group of talented musicians all based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Other highlights of the collection include a new dub-wise track, ‘Herbalist Dub’, from Drunken Monkey in collaboration with JFlea, three new songs from Laura McGourty who’s been a presence at Petri Disk for many years, The Sweet Leaf Boys contribute another out-take from their prolific years in the studio with ‘Prideful Bets’, and a Hip Hop banger from Odd Man Out came together with tremendous help from local producer, S.I.M.O. Don’t waste a moment discovering how much there is to love on this newest addition of music from Petri Disk Studios.1. ‘Storm’-Kicking of the new compilation in full gear, Laura McGourty brings another musical gem into the world, this time backed by the futuristic Drum & Bass production that has been a staple of Drunken Monkey’s DJ/Producer career for the last 15 years. Although getting the balance of Laura’s soulful vocals and the complex music background just right was no small feat, it finally came together right in time for this newest release from Petri Disk Studios.

2. ‘Prideful Bets’-A country-rock gem recorded many years ago by The Sweet Leaf Boys, this song has sadly been sitting on the shelves for way too long, but at long last it finds its home. This song along with ‘Crystal on the Concrete’ which appears on Live Cultures Vol. 3, were outtakes from the recording sessions from The Sweet Leaf Boys swan song album, ‘A Fond Farewell’. Featured on both songs is the swooning angelic voice of Chris McGandy’s pedal steel guitar which take it all straight to the next level.

3. ‘Spoonful of Honey’-Another reappearance from Drunken Monkey’s EP featuring Chrys-Anthony from 2011, “Diggin’ Pony”. Keeping the home-style funk alive and well, the fusion of influences is reminiscent of Beck’s early work and brings with it an infectious beat, funky basslines, pyschadelic breakdowns, and even laying down country harmonica and big group harmonies all the way to the end. A true original!

4. ‘Herbalist Dub’-Drunken Monkey and J Flea got together one day to just ‘see what happens’. A couple hours later they had created 90% of the track and the finishing touches didn’t take much longer. Sometimes songs are birthed with no pain at all and here we find a sweet dub-wise composition fused and melded with double time Drum & Bass rhythms throughout. Lick the Chalice before hitting play on this one.

5. ‘Into the Light’-A simple and elegant 2-step instrumental from Drunken Monkey gave the perfect musical context for Laura and Freedom to come in to Petri Disk and play with vocal ideas separately. In an amazing instance of synchronicity, without any pre-planning, their lyrical ideas melded together perfectly to create a sensual tale of Love in all its hazy colours. A song that was destined to be.

6. ‘Bittersweet Resolution’-Here we have an old chestnut from Splintered Tree’s back catalog. A previously unreleased song that features the haunting cello of Rena Jones. This song is also a rarity in that it is one of the few pieces over the course of many years of songwriting composed on the mandolin by S.T. This instrumentation seems to bring out the tear-jerking sentimentality of the song perfectly.

7. ‘Deeper Into Me’-Another Laura McGourty original dealing once again with the inward journeys and self-discovery that make this talented lady who she is today. At once vulnerable and sassy, confident and wise, Laura puts all of herself into her words and once again Drunken Monkey provides the beats that let her shine brightest. She’s got that ‘dark and dirty thru and thru’!

8. ‘Roots Education’-Reason brings the lyrics to you hardcore!! Showing mad skills on the microphone, this political testimonial has appeared previously on S.I.M.O.’s Sleevin Records inprint and after another tweek or two at Petri Disk is brought to you once more with its uncompromising Drum & Bass beats and basslines and serious rap-manifesto bizness.

9. ‘Submission Crew’-Odd Man Out returns for the first time since his own Hip Hop manifesto, “An Outsider’s Perspective”. On this track we find him letting the world know about his crew and the way they get down. S.I.M.O. and Drunken Monkey put together the backing track in another whirlwind production session, a la ‘Herbalist Dub’, and the rest was a quick take or two from the Odd Man Out. The attentive listener will notice a nice sampling of Dara Roberts soulful voice here and there to spice things up.

10. ‘It’s a Must’-Splintered Tree rounds out the album with a quiet ballad recorded on an old piano that used to live at Petri Disk Studios. This gorgeous instrument was over 100 years old and had all the ‘character’ that one would expect from such a timeless object. Although not exactly in tune with itself it was the perfect companion to S.T.’s vulnerable vocals speaking to the challenges and necessities of Love.

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