Live Cultures Volume 2

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Album Notes:
Petri Disk Studios is located in Oakland, CA and produces local musicians of all types while also serving as the base of operations for local songwriter/musician/producer Splintered Tree and the infamous Drunken Monkey who is now signed to San Francisco’s Sunburn Records.
“Living Cultures Vol. 2” continues from “Living Cultures Vol. 1” this time with a theme of collaboration high on the set of priorities. Collaborations with bay area rapper, Manips, activist songwriter, Freak Boy Soul, and local Rock n Rollers Fojimoto all contributed to the Petri Disk musical vibes, along with many others far and wide. Also of note is a remix of the New York Jazz/Rockers Gutbucket’s song Rock N Roll which appeared on their 2001 Knitting Factory Records release, “Insomniac’s Dream”. As always the blend of genres is unique but the soul of each song stays intact with an approach that is specific to each piece’s intention and direction.

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