Mr. D’s Projections
Yet another facet of the shimmering musical diamond called Splintered Tree Records. Mr. D is another iteration of the talented Label-Boss, Daniel Lippincott. This project showcases the singing and songwriting that he has honed over 25 years of experience in that capacity, while putting on his DJ/Producer hat in the guise of Drunken Monkey to create all the musical elements. There are also a wide range of top notch talent that makes the ‘Projections’ into a complete and rich sound. Collaborators have included super-producers Ean Golden, and Gavin Hardkiss, and singers Laron aka Swan & Chrys-Anthony. Stylistically, Mr. D draws heavily from influences like Beck, Prince, LCD Soundsytem to name just a few. This is where almost all the music forms that have inspired over the years find a place in one sweet mash-up: Funk, Soul, House, Breakbeats, Blues, Rock, Hip Hop and more all can be heard somewhere in the Mr. D soundscapes and songs.


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