Ean Golden
On the rise San Francisco producer and DJ with one celebrated white label release from summer 2002 and many tracks including a Splintered Tree remix on the horizon. A dedicated, talented musician that we'll all be hearing a lot more from in the near future.

Gabriel Todd

Singer/Songwriter, Choreographer, Dancer, performance art troup leader, Artiste of all trades. Gabriel Todd has worked in Petri Disk for over a year working on his original songs with the goal of a full-length recording in the future. He also leads his group FreakSoulTribe keeping a major presence in the San Francisco performance art scene for over 6 years.

A talented, young, hungry, rapper straight from the West Oakland streets who brings the passion to every session here at Petri Disk. A man with a dream who will succeed at any price by any path. Watch out.

Gavin Hardkiss
Co-founder of San Francisco's historic groundbreaking house label Sunburn Records. Working together here at Petri Disk and Gavin's Calistoga hide-a-way Drunken Monkey and Gavin have many funky tracks on the way to the clamoring masses of people not knowing they need something new.

Mouncey Ferguson
Independent film maker working in the cut throat city of L.A. brought in his live jazz combo to record the soundtrack to his second short film entitled "Straight Sex".

New York City 4-piece band of visionaries offering brand new sounds and directions in the modern musical landscape. Petri Disk produced the first Gutbucket remix of their debut album, Insomniac's Dream (Knitting Factory Records, 2001), track "Rock N Roll".

Jeffrey Bean aka Freedom
A singer/songwriter with his roots in the deep soul and funk traditions of the 70's brings his falsetto Mayfield-esque vocal stylin's to the mix. Currently working at Petri Disk to help put together a compilation of tracks featuring the Studio's roster of talented musicians. Jeffrey's also working towards expanding his live band's performance opportunities. This group, named Bootysatva, blends rock, funk, and soul into a spiritual goddess-oriented soulpot of funky sounds. Check them out on the Freedom link above!

This is the latest musical work of San Francisco's enigmatic & elusive Paul Wright. In 2004 Paul brought this project into Petri Disk studios as raw 8-track mixes and over time we polished them to completion as the unique and uncomparable vision and voice of this inspired and truly individual artist. Contact Paul at tosituate@yahoo.com
to learn more about his EP and other projects or go to luver.com and hear it on-line.

Ivy Greene Ross
Ivy is a singer/songwriter with a voice all her own. She never compromises in her sound or her words and delivers an honesty and soulfulness in song that you just don't find very often. Her newest album began here at Petri Disk Studios in the summer of 2005 and promises to be one of her best musical offerings to date. Her website also gives those interested the full spectrum of this artistic talent's creative range. Don't miss out on her sweet offerings to the world.

Theresa Perez
Another outstanding talent in the ever expanding world of singers and songwriters in the bay area. Theresa recently brought her songs to complete her new demo. Soulful, sincere, spiritual, and special are all words that describe her voice as a singer and writer. Click her name above to learn all about this prodigious visual and musical artist.

The Loyd Family
Nothing can compare to the experience of hanging out with the Loyd's. I was honored to be able to help this amazing Samba troupe put together their first recording ever! We came up with some great results despite the hurtles of micing 10 drums. Unfortunately, the only way to hear them is live since the recording is just a demo, but live is also absolutely the best way to hear them. The raw energy of those pounding rhythms is truly infectious, and even better, they blend the traditional drum arrangements with elements of modern pop and hip hop and soul that totally flip the switch and make them 1-of-a-kind.

Adam Warped
He's one half of the production duo that turned out the killer Warped Crew mix on the 12" release of Drunken Monkey's - Flower Girl on Ditrec Records. Producer, DJ, and promoter going way back. Check him online at myspace.

He's known as one of San Francisco's most stalwart House DJ's and perhaps also the Bay's biggest vinyl enthusiasts ever! Never will you see him on a laptop nor touch a CD. He and Drunken Monkey put together a killer EP released on Majitope's own GardenHouse Records in 2009.

He's the label head of San Francisco's infamous Sleevin Records, known for it's bangin' beats and lugubrious basslines. He's been spending time in Petri Disk over the last couple years making tracks for his solo album on Sleevin and for collaborations with Drunken Monkey.