:::Drunken Monkey::: Mixology Series

"The Definitive Steppa"
The top selling 2-step mix in every store where it's sold!! Excellent smooth mix and dope beats for all the UK Garage heads out there. Features an original Drunken Monkey 2-Step remix of Janis Joplin's classic Hippie anthem "Mercedez Benz"!

"Smoked Out Sounds"
Top notch musical approach to the oft maligned/abused Jungle and Drum & Bass styles. Keeping the groove on the funky side with lots of soul to round out the bad ass Junglist bizness and a creamy downtempo filling.

"The Broken Lounge"
Taking the "lounge" genre up a notch into funky breaks, latin grooves, and soulful uptempo mash-ups this mix stands apart from the typical mellow fair of the lounge world. A popular choice with another original Drunken Monkey production as the closing track, "Bad Luck".

"The Music Tells The Story"
BY REQUEST!! Stage 2 of the Drunken Monkey style Drum & Bass sound is here. Rinsing out the old and new plates of soulful technotic funk for the future. Never a purist the Monkey brings in Brazilian rollers, Jump-up get-downs, vocal anthems, and 3 original all exclusive Drunken Monkey productions for the mix!

"Welcome to the Monkey House"
Despite a certain prideful resistance to being associated with the often overplayed genre of "House" music, the Drunken Monkey style has finally been applied to the ubiquitous music's charms. As always the mix is stylistically eclectic and extremely funky. And as is the tradition, 3 original exclusive Drunken Monkey songs fill out the mix!

More wonderful mixes available in the realms of Dancehall, Hip Hop, Breakbeat, old school, etc.

Don't sleep.

:::Drunken Monkey:::
Original Productions
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"Live Cultures Vol. 1"
(Splintered Tree Records, 004)

Featured Drunken Monkey songs:

2 Step Benzo

Red Truck/Black Bus

Bad Luck

Besides House (Gratification)

"Live Cultures Vol. 2"
(Splintered Tree Records, 005)

More fresh new productions with plenty of surprises. Featured Drunken Monkey songs:

No Holy War

It's Going Down


Rock N Roll

Everybody's Talkin'

12" Vinyl
(Sunburn Records 028)

b/w Gavin Hardkiss remix "Hawke's Blue Resurrection mix"

"Gratification" Remixes
2 x 12" Vinyl
(Hooj Toons 135)

featured remixes:
Precinct's Dharma Dub
Saul O'Sage's House Mix

"Love Won Another"
(8th Dimension Records)

featured Drunken Monkey co-productions and performances:

"We Come From Far"

"Flower Girl"

"Flower Girl" remixes
12" Vinyl
(Ditrec Records 002)

Features The Warped Crew's "Deflowered mix"

Mr. D's Projections
"Dynamite Soul!!!"
(Splintered Tree Records, 008)

Drunken Monkey's long-coming debut album featuring the songwriting and production skills honed over many years tirelessly working in Petri Disk Studios. Features collaborations with Gavin Hardkiss, Ean Golden, Swan, and many more talented SF Bay Area musicians.

check out the REVIEW in XLR8R Magazine!

Drunken Monkey
feat. Reason on vocals
"Roots Education"
b/w "Dark Guitar Steppa"
Digital release
(Sleevin Records, SLVND04)

A big Drum & Bass tear-out with stellar political raps by the one "Reason" from North Cali. The b-side jam is a dark 2-step type beat for the dub heads.

"An Outsider's Perspective"
Produced by Drunken Monkey
(Splintered Tree Records,
010 & 011)

This 5 year labor of love came out to some incredible reviews and represents the life-long love affair that DM has had with Hip Hop music. Culminating in a double disk epic Hip Hop narrative that covers every topic on rapper, Dan-D-Lion's mind. Not to be missed!!!

Read the full review at the link below!

"Orquestations for a Strange World"
Vol. 1 & 2
(Splintered Tree Records,
012 - 013)

Drunken Monkey's collection of musical oddities, soundscapes, cinematix, and undecipherable gems spanning 8 years. Most of this material is still unavailable any where else and remains an exclusive discovery for the brave few!

"Mr. D's Ballroom"
Vol 1 & 2
(Splintered Tree Records,
014 - 015)

Drunken Monkey's comprehensive compilation of his dancefloor beats from the past decade. House and Funky Breaks make up the bulk of the material with a healthy helping of Drum & Bass tracks thrown in for good measure. Much of this material has appeared on a variety of other labels, but this is the first time it's all found in one place!

Drunken Monkey & S.I.M.O "Controlled Manner "
(Sleevin' Records SLVNCD002)

Drunken Monkey and S.I.M.O. come together in their first collaborative release and go straight to the Drum n Bass underground with the title cut. Four more Drunken Monkey originals round of the 5 track EP.

Drunken Monkey & S.I.M.O "Rennie's Skank"
(CD Single)
(Sleevin' Records, SLVNCD004)

Drunken Monkey and S.I.M.O. once again bring down the bass with this energized Breakbeat jam. Excellent remixes round out the release with lots of Breaks and a deep house remix from Drunken Monkey.

Drunken Monkey vs. Majitope
"Tweety Eye EP"
(GardenHouse Records, 001)

Drunken Monkey joins forces with San Francisco's legendary House maestro, Majitope. A full year of collaboration yields a beautiful EP of Electro, Big Beat Pop, and techy house trax. Majitope does the honors, releasing this collaboration on his own fledgling label, GardenHouse.

Sugar & Gold
(Whipped & Remixed)
Digital download only
(Late Night Sneakin' Records)

Drunken Monkey puts in his "G-Crunk" remix for B. Smiley's remix release of San Francisco's Sugar & Gold, a pure funk-pop band that lays down every kind of smooth groove imaginable. Check for this one on Itunes!