Drunken Monkey


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DJ Drunken Monkey was born on the radio waves of WRUV, Burlington. Bringing a mix of Hip-Hop and Dancehall Reggae to the Vermont airwaves and it was here that the skills of the trade started to be formed. Until 1996, Drunken Monkey stayed on top of the underground Hip-Hop movement and Dancehall vibrations for those four critical years. Occasional specialty shows gave him a chance to flex his growing rare groove and classic funk selections as well.


The first expansion into new styles as the Jungle movement caught his ear and he began his on-going love for the Junglist sounds. From 1997-2000 Drum & Bass and Jungle dominated the Drunken Monkey sound with the obvious roots in Hip-Hop and Reggae keeping the foundation. After a brief stint in Washington D.C. working at 12″ Dance Records in Dupont Circle and DJing a formative Jungle weekly at D.C.’s State of The UnionDrunken Monkey made the move to the Bay Area in 1998.


From 1998 to the present date Drunken Monkey has been laying down every type of funky groove from house parties to art openings to clubs to raves. Also in the mix was a year on San Francisco’s historic KUSF radio station. The Drunken Monkey style has appropriately branched out into many different genres of underground dance and electronic music: Hip-Hop (old and new), Reggae (old and new), Jungle/Drum & Bass, Trip-Hop/Down Tempo, House, Break Beat, Rare Groove/Funk/Soul, 2-step, Broken Beat & Dubstep.

The “Drunken Monkey” DJ style is all about quality and spontaneity. Any given set could produce any of the mentioned styles and genres which then combine to create the original funky live mix.


Starting a new chapter with his job at San Francisco’s historic BPM Records (an epicenter of the Bay Area’s DJ/club scene) and the beginning of Drunken Monkey’s “Mixology” series of mix CD’s that include: “The Definitive Steppa”(BPM’s all time top selling 2-Step mix), “Smoked Out Sounds” (a unique Drum & Bass/Down Tempo blend), and “The Broken Lounge”(capturing the atmospheric and funkier side of the Breakbeat genre). The series continued in2004 with the 2nd volume of Drum n Bass’ highest quality tunes, “The Music Tells The Story” (includes 3 original Drunken Monkey productions), and in 2006 he finally debuted a smoking mix of modern House music, “Welcome to the Monkey House”, which also features 3 original DM songs.


stood out as a great year for our plucky DJ/producer. San Francisco’s Sunburn Records released Drunken Monkey’s debut song,“Gratification” with a Gavin Hardkiss remix on the B-side. This melodic house track grooves and uplifts. Check out the Sunburn website to get this future classic. Adding to the sweetness was the instant re-release on England’s premiere house label, Hooj Choons, later that summer!


Flash forward to the release of 2 collaborations with Gavin Hardkiss on his album, “Love Won Another”on 8th Dimension Records. “Flower Girl” was a driving dance-pop remake of the Sweet Leaf Boys Rock n Roll classic, “Flower Girls”while “We Come from Far” was a co-written album opener both featuring the talents of our own Splintered Tree on vocals and instrumentation. The “Flower Girl”12″ single hit shelves in early 2006 with remixes and an accompanying music video!!!


Saw the pressure rise with a flood of releases on a variety of labels supporting the inimitable Drunken Monkey style. As a DJ the scale of his success went global with two European tours now under his belt.

Being a DJ and producer is the complete picture for Drunken Monkey. The few commercial releases to this date are just the beginning, and his production skills continue to bear much musical fruit with another STR artist debut album, Mr. D’s “Dynamite Soul Projections” featuring a unique blend of singing, songwriting and beat-making talents, a 2-CD collection of ambient/cinematic work, “Orquestations for a Strange World”, and another 2-CD set of dance floor burners, “Mr. D’s Ballroom”, all produced in his own Petri Disk Studios in Oakland, California.



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