Godfrey Daniel releases their second album, "Seeking The Light"


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Petri Disk Studios
Petri Disk is your classic Project studio set in the cozy environs of a large Victorian home. It offers the comfort and ease that only someone's home environment can provide but comes with unlimited tracks of digital audio there to capture all the magic and inspiration that inevitably happens in every session. Over the last ten years Petri Disk has accommodated every recording situation imaginable from a full rock band to a jazz quartet to numerous solo singer/songwriters and rappers and even Brazilian Samba drumming groups. This is a PC-based studio run with an array of supporting software applications. Other programs available for production, composing, and arranging include: Nuendo, Reason, Ableton Live, Fruity loops, Sound forge, and much more. Inboard CD/DVD burning capabilities are available for instant take-home mixes.

    Splintered Tree Records